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When you venture out with your tribe you want an experience that you’ll all enjoy. Planning can be time-consuming and challenging. Showing up at the GoGo bar that Google said was family friendly can be frustrating. What are the best hotels, restaurants, experiences for kids, and what are the under the radar “once in a lifetime” experiences?

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Hi! I’m Kimberly. I’m a traveler, mom, artist and (my day job) a marketing consultant. I believe that the drive to travel is in all of us. We crave new experiences and exploration. As a family, there is nothing better than experiencing something new through the eyes of your children. Traveling as a family isn’t always easy. Who hasn’t forgotten a favorite toy, missed a nap, or struggled to get kids to sleep a new place? The struggle is real – but the joy, memories and sense of adventure is worth every potential snafu. My philosophy is that you roll with the punches. I’m a goer, doer, see-er.

I’ve grown up traveling regularly and took my first international trip to Paris at 13. At 15 I traveled cross country with an organized teen tour and saw the best of the beautiful USA including lots of overlooked gems in the middle America.I have no idea if I’ll ever get back to Cody, Wyoming or iconic landmarks like Mount Rushmore, and I’m so grateful my parents sent me on this amazing journey. This trip solidified for me my love and need for new places and cultures. Another part of my story the led me to create this blog,my Uncle Allan, a seasoned world traveler, trusted resource for all kinds of travel tips and inspiration, he has visited all 7 continents, 100 countries, and has been to his favorite destination, Paris, 24 times. He’s my first call when planning and always has great insight in building my next adventure.



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