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Checked in for an overnight getaway at The Logan Hotel Philadelphia for a much needed staycation without the kids. You could hear the burning rubber after we said goodbye to our 3 and 6 year old kiddos. This place was chock full of little ones though, families rolling up with their pack ‘n plays, all seemingly ready to explore the city. We desperately needed a weekend getaway in Philadelphia (or even just the one night away that we could manage) and this place did just the trick.

This property used to be a Four Seasons, and although the fancy name is gone, the luxury remains. It’s high-end without being stuffy. It’s got an upscale, artsy vibe and has great artwork throughout by local artists. Refreshing since hotel art is typically SO bad. We got a great rate too. I’d called it mid-market pricing, we paid $324 with tax.

The Logan Hotel was unique, not a boutique hotel like we prefer but not a big box hotel either. It is technically a Hilton brand property so if yours a rewards member use ’em here. The location, at the base of the Ben Franklin Parkway, is prime for easy access from anywhere and a great home base if you’re going to be out and about seeing historic Philadelphia. Our staycation here was just the thing we needed. Next time, maybe we’ll leave the hotel, maybe not!

Lunch (and brunch the next morning) we ate at Urban Farmer, the hotels farm to table restaurant. We found the lunch/brunch prices tolerable, dinner, not so much. The dinner menu we found to be slightly pretentious, and couldn’t find anything to eat between the $16 cheese plate and the $40 filet. There were very few entree choices in the $20-$40 range. The vibe was very hip though and our two meals we ate here were excellent.

The hotel spa here is legit. My friends (we like to pretend to be expert spa reviewers) and I have a patented 5 cucumber slice rating system. 🥒 I’d give the Underground Logan Spa four very cool cucumber slices. Our massages were VERY good. The locker room was nice but small. We had good service and the facility is beautiful. They don’t have a sauna, hot tub or steam room. So if that’s your thing – check out the Rittenhouse Spa. There is a heated saltwater pool and fitness center.

After massages we popped up to the chic Assembly rooftop lounge for a post spa cocktail. Modern vibe, good music, even better views. We felt very young and cool sipping hot toddies around the fire pit. This is probably the kind of place that gets overrun by 20-somethings on warmer weekends, but it wasn’t crowded and there were other adults present so, ya know, we didn’t feel like anyone’s chaperone.

We’ve been so stressed, so busy at work, we just enjoyed the view, the fire, and actually got to talk to each other. Without a sippy cup situation. Or someone having to go pee-pee. Or someone not sitting at the dinner table and getting a time out. It’s so critical as a couple to reconnect. We’ve both got some big dreams we’re dreaming up. So the kid-free time we spent resting, dreaming, remembering why we fell in love so many years ago.

For dinner, we cancelled our reservation at whatever new popular place I’d picked and decided not to go out. We ordered Indian takeout and ate and drank beers in the room. We watched Dateline NBC, read books, talked. Honestly, Dateline is the best show on television. Anyway, it was so nice to not have to be responsible for anyone but ourselves for 26 hours. When check-out rolled around Sunday, we were so relaxed, we were almost ready to get back to reality. But not quite. ✌🏻

Kimberly Neff

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