I didn’t go anywhere sunny, and I wrote a depressing blog post about it!

Did you know that life doesn’t always turn out the way you planned? Or that sometimes travel is not affordable or realistic when you’ve just started a new demanding full-time job, you only have 10 vacation days for the year, and are saving money for a new house? See one of the keys ingredients of a kick-ass travel blog is, well, wait for it….travel. And although I dream of a life where I can jet set around the world as a travel writer, or rent a villa in Santorini for a few months and soak in the sun with my happy and well-behaved children, that’s sort-of just a fantasy.

Reality for the past few months has looked much different. And our lives have been more about hustle, hard work and routine. I’ve been busier than I’ve been in years and managing life and work has been brutal. I’ve had more vending machine lunches at my office than I’d like to admit. Rushed mornings, getting the kids to school late, scrambling to get a (sometimes) healthy dinner on the table. Enjoying an hour or less with my kids in the evening before bedtime before melting into the couch with my husband while we mumble, “how was your day?” and talk about our hopes and dreams or our relationship or anything we have the energy for. Sometimes I scroll through Facebook on my phone or read the news. Both of which are typically emotionally draining and unfulfilling to say the least. When I’m really kicking butt at life I do laundry, paint or do meal prep for the week. I’m really happiest when I’m creating something. Like when I find time to write here on this blog! But basically we’ve just been trying to make it through the work week and have some fun on weekends when we can. Hard to believe rereading what I just wrote, but we are actually fun-loving, silly, free-spirited artsy types. But the routine of life and it’s demands have been weighing on us lately. Which is why we needed a sunny tropical vacation in the first place. But instead we’re not going, because we’re adult-ing and being responsible.

Truth is I don’t want to be a full-time family travel writer anyway. For a lot of reasons. Because I want to see my kids and my husband and I don’t want a life of full-time travel with them. But I do want to travel and experience new things, locally, and beyond when possible, and I want to share my love of adventure with you. To me there is nothing more fun than packing up the car and hitting the road to see what the day may bring. Other dreams I have for this blog, beyond sharing my experiences, include creating a community for families, and also hosting and creating unique experiences for families to get out and do things. Either way, for now this blog and it’s future are part of what keeps me going during the daily grind. It’s small but it’s something of my own creation, and it’s my small contribution to help inspire other families get out and go somewhere fun.

So instead of a tropical or Caribbean getaway this winter, we settled on doing a few easy and drivable weekend trips to add some adventure to our lives. One of the great things about living where we do is the proximity to great family travel destinations in Philadelphia and beyond (both the beach and mountains in about an hour!) year-round. Next post, I’ll write about our President’s Day weekend trip to Camelback Mountain and some insights on where to take your little one if they’ve never been on ski’s. I hadn’t skied in probably 12 years and getting my ski legs back felt amazing. Like remembering a happy childhood memory you’d thought you’d forgotten.




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