ISO Sun and Sand

ISO Sun and Sand

Friends and lovers, I need help finding someplace tropical to visit with my family this winter. I’m looking for recommendations of places to visit (and feature on this super fun blog) for a beach vacation in the Caribbean, Mexico or the Dominican Republic. Looking for hotels, resorts, AirBnb rentals, or unique off-the-beaten path destinations with an authentic island vibe and taste of the local culture. Where you’ve been with your crew that you’d recommend? Tell me in the comments or email me at

P.S. Any resort with a great pool and lazy river gets extra points!

It’s cold. It’s gray. And while I enjoy the magical, sparkly soft, snow, I also enjoy THE SUN. We don’t always do a warm destination getaway over the winter but this year, I think my family more than ever needs a break. We all need a break from the everyday, the frigid temps, and the long, gray winter days. I’ve just recently (Fall 2017) went back to work full-time and it’s been an intense adjustment for my sweet kiddos – and me! The routine is nuts, the rushing is stressful, and I just want to swing in a hammock while no one bothers me. Is that so wrong? Why god why? Winter especially can be hard for working parents while we’re all lacking Vitamin D and outdoor adventures. Sometimes on cold Monday mornings ya really have to dig deep to get back to work/school when you really want to do just about anything else? Thank you lord for Mariah Carey’s Christmas Album (and I’m Jewish!) because otherwise I may lose my mind.

So, in conclusion, we’re looking for a getaway to somewhere warm. I’m looking for turquoise, crystal clear water, hammock swinging, lazy river riding fun. Frozen drink with tiny umbrella drinking. Dancing the cha-cha with other resort guests you’ve made friends with but you may never see again, fun.

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Kimberly Neff

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