Romantic Winter Getaway

Romantic Winter Getaway

Not sure how I ended up going to Virginia (for fun) twice in the past few weeks. But, alas, strange things happen. And folks, Virginia is beautiful. Especially in the snow.

I mentioned in my spa getaway post that we had looked at The Salamander Resort and Spa but it didn’t make the final cut? Well when you’re traveling on someone else’s dime things change. My husband (his name is Sean and he’s a handsome devil) coincidentally was invited to a holiday party with one of his clients here recently and we RSVP’ed YES SIR.

Overnight childcare: This is every parents conundrum. We’re lucky to have family close by and also have used our nanny or other babysitters who we know well. You need to feel comfortable with someone to do an overnight shift with your kids. You need someone who you’ll be able to completely trust and actually, um, enjoy your time away. If you don’t have someone in mind, ask your parent friends. Ask You do what you must. But you need to make this happen. It’s good for your soul. And your relationship. 

The Resort: The Salamander is top notch luxury and the perfect destination for a cozy winter getaway with your travel companion of choice. The Salamander is on a massive property of 340 acres snug in the rolling hills of the Virginia countryside. If you wanted to venture off the property, it’s in the town of Middleburg, Virginia, which has an adorable downtown for your dining/shopping pleasures. We stopped for coffee on our way home and it was adorably lit and decorated for the holidays. Lots of boutiques and hip restaurants. The trip to Middleburg was 3 hours drive from Philly, only 1 hour from DC. Further from other places.

The property and common areas of this resort are stunning and had beautiful holiday decor. Many cozy sitting areas are scattered throughout the lobby and lobby bar including a library lounge with fireplace. We spent a boozy few hours in front of the fireplace after the holiday party gabbing with other party guests and it was just the best. If your after-party requires, there is also a fire pit close-by on the lawns outside this library lounge, stocked with marsh mellows and sticks for roasting at your leisure.

Rooms and to-do: Our room was larger than the standard hotel room and included a comfy corner couch, marble bathroom with clawfoot soaking tub, regal king sized bed, and a little patio for watching snow fall. Honestly we could have stayed in this room for many days. If you are, however, looking for more to do, there is a ton going on here. Check out downtown Middleburg, the lovely spa (which I didn’t partake in,) extensive dining options, zip lining, hiking trails, painting classes golf, horseback riding, and more. The equestrian programs here are a big deal. You heard me. Horses and horse-related decor are tastefully integrated into the culture and decor here. But it’s very subtle and while you’re sipping your expensive brandy next to the fire with your loved one you will totally LOVE it. By the way, if you chose to bring your kiddos they have kids daily activities and babysitting on the property.

Rooms range from $350 for a weekday special and average around $500 – $600 for weekends. So either you splurge for the two of you or… maybe ask one of your clients to invite you to their work holiday party? Either way I hope you get there soon! Click here for rates.


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